Massage Therapy Ethics

Legitimate Massage Therapists are people that like to help other people, non-sexually.  We aim to relieve muscle pain, relax your nervous system and give you a period of time in which you and your wellness is the focus  (which is tough to find these days between work, family, fitness and social obligations).

Legitimate Massage Therapy gives clients a safe space to relax.  Licensed Massage Therapists are trained to respect client boundaries, be non-judgmental and compassionate.  Legitimate Massage Therapists strive to provide a clean, safe, and relaxing massage session for clients.

Massage Therapy Goals

You can RELAX at The Massage Lounge

The Massage Lounge, LLC

Massage Therapy Training

Legitimate Massage Therapists agree to abide by a code of ethics that prohibits sexual massage.  In fact, if a Massage Therapist is convicted of giving sexual massages (aka prostitution) she/he can lose their Massage Therapy License, face disciplinary measures from their professional association, and be barred from performing professional massage.

Licensed Massage Therapists train in massage techniques as well as proper draping techniques to ensure your genitals are never exposed during your massage.  They must be certified from an accredited school, and learn about skin conditions and how to avoid contagion.  They learn about good hygiene and general health conditions.  They undergo extensive testing in each massage class, as well as post-education, in order to obtain and maintain their Massage Therapy Licenses.

The Massage Lounge, LLC is a fully licensed professional massage establishment.  Our therapists are licensed by the State of Florida and do not participate in any unethical activities.  So come on in and relax while you enjoy your affordable indulgence at The Massage Lounge, LLC!